Darquise Jolicoeur

Beaudry, Bertrand – Darquise Jolicoeur, lawyer, barrister – Gatineau, Outaouais

Darquise Jolicoeur

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Counsel since 1991,
Mrs Jolicoeur is a partner
at the law firm
Beaudry, Bertrand.

Mrs. Jolicoeur specializes in civil and commercial litigation, and appears frequently before the Court of Appeal, the highest court in Quebec.

Mrs. Jolicoeur has particularly distinguished herself by successfully arguing several major environmental law cases before courts and by acting for the defense in class action suits.

Mrs. Jolicoeur has also been very active in cases involving fish farms, businesses whose impact on the environment is important, as well as several other cases pertaining to shoreline protection and sanitary landfills.

She intervened in numerous real estate transactions that had environmental implications, in order to advise and guide the seller or the buyer.

Additionally, Mrs. Jolicoeur represents municipalities, industrial and commercial businesses, as well as individuals seeking her expertise. She promotes an approach based on problem prevention and rapid, proactive intervention when a problem occurs. Mrs. Jolicoeur is a mediator in civil and commercial matters, accredited by the Quebec Bar.

A native of Abitibi, Mrs. Darquise Jolicoeur has perfectly integrated herself in the Outaouais area and has become a reference in terms of honesty and integrity. Her professionalism has earned her the respect of her colleagues, whom she has represented as Bâtonnière during 2013-2014.